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 Company/Dept. Name: Dongguan Chuanghui decoration design
About Company
Dongguan Chuanghui decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, more than ten years of experience, I won't change any day devoted to the decoration market, soar struggle, eventually became a big industry.

  Today foreign developed into a strong technical force, the new design concept, a galaxy of talents, set design, and construction of large-scale decoration business. Today, professional contracting enterprise level two design and construction qualification. The strength of the company, the contract and keeping promises, GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 quality management system, GB/T50430-2007 quality management of engineering construction enterprises international mutual authentication unit.
  Foreign exchange is one of the purposes, to high-quality service as the forerunner, the design innovation, standardizing construction management as the backing, and strive to do each project design, high quality, efficient ````,, we strive for each project to treat the sample project. To a client, is more than a friend! It is the concept of service and dedication of more than ten years insist, let foreign people go further.

 Foreign people don't forget to repay society, always uphold the people-oriented ideology, constantly absorbing talents, elite, holding tight the full range of continuous improvement.

 The architectural decoration industry change rapidly, market development change constantly like cloud and wave, in order to meet the market new competition and challenges, we will be more keen eyes and efficient management to meet the market changes, deliver the goods, create brilliant achievements!

 Due to the continuous development of the company, a person of noble aspirations to join China, position once employ pay from actor, the company offers board and lodging. There is broad space for personal development.
 Contact Info
Address: Dongguan city Changping Town Road No. 12 Zip Code:
Contact Person: Miss Wang Tel: 0769-83558999 Fax:
Email: Website:
 资料员 Recruit number: 2 People Date Posted:Oct 21, 2020  

Job Label :

Perfered Major:   Architecture engineering Interior design Project Cost Management Age Requirement:  Unlimited
Desired Education Level:  Technical secondary school Current Place:  Unlimited
Foreign Language:  Unlimited Job Location:  Guangzhou Zhanjiang  
Cantonese:  Unlimited Job Type:  Full time
Sex:  Unlimited Salary:  ¥3500~¥4499 
Marital Status:  Unlimited Tel:  
Contact Person:   Email:  
Job Responsibilities & Requirements
配合工程部的日常工作;能够完成工程所需的资料,熟悉工程项目所有设计图纸、规范、标准及施工过程中的各种技术资料、工程档案的整理,熟悉工程资料表格的规范的管理与填写;施工资料的编制、管理、归档,做到完整、及时,与工程进度同步 ,熟练使用办公软件,电脑文字输入熟练,责任心强、能吃苦耐劳。